What is Agglomeration?

Agglomeration is the process of joining particles in order to create more surface area and thus improves water absorption. By improving the ability of the particle to absorb water, it improves solubility and dispersion. This is also known as instantizing. While there are several methods know to “instantize” the Peebles re-wet system utilized by OFP is widely recognized to be the most effective and produce the best results.

Our process

OFP Ingredients team uses a Peebles agglomeration system which provides a higher capacity, more efficient agglomeration resulting in consistent high quality products.

 The lines provide a continuous agglomeration of an expansive variety of powders, including whey and milk proteins, nonfat milk, maltodextrins, cocoa powders, plant proteins, and much more. 


 By utilizing the rewetting agglomeration process, we have elevated control over the end product’s properties.


Four double ribbon blenders at the front end of the lines offer in-line blending in addition to agglomeration. Our system imparts minimal heat during processing, preserving the quality and integrity of the end product.


The result is a larger particle size with a considerably increased surface area. When in contact with a liquid, the particle’s larger surface area increases its miscibility and consequently it dissolves faster producing a product that is of superior functionality.

What are the benefits of agglomeration?

Agglomerating powders offer many benefits that extend all the way from the processing phase to the end-user.

The benefits of agglomeration during processing include:

  • Consistent Product Performance

  • Increased flowability

  • Decreased caking and dusting
  • Better product flow and dispersion
  • Reduced product breakdown and loss

With agglomeration, your customers will also have a better product experience:

  • Enhanced solubility of instant food products
  • Improved mouthfeel and consistency of food products
  • More appealing product appearance
  • Easier measurement and dosing
Bowl of full cream powdered milk

Advanced agglomeration processing

High-capacity, efficient agglomeration and blending processing

the whey protein

Exceptional results

Enhanced solubility that brings exceptional results to your food and nutritional products


Excellent Service

Our team gives unparalleled attention to providing exceptional customer service

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